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Beautiful Alternative for a Courthouse Wedding: Minister or Officiant Available

For many reasons couples choose to go to the courthouse to get married. Some small towns have nice, quaint courthouses, but for the most part, they are usually cold, office-like surroundings, and not really conducive to great memories or beautiful photo ops. We provide a great option to the courthouse wedding, in the beautiful Historical Chapel.

Have photos taken as the sunlight streams through the stained-glass windows, while the bride walks down the aisle. Ring the chapel bell to celebrate your nuptials. Gather downstairs for refreshments and celebration. Be happy you chose our historic landmark for your special day.

Our wedding packages start at very budget friendly rates. We will work with you every step of the way to make your wedding day a day to remember for the rest of your life. Package options include: use of the chapel, providing of an experienced wedding officiant or minister, or have your own, and an organist. We can customize to fit your budget and your wishes. There are no religious requirements or pre-cana. All are welcome to use our chapel, and the ceremonies are easy to book.

The following type of ceremonies are welcome here:

Justice of the Peace Wedding Ceremony

Renewal of Vows

Same Sex Marriages


Inter-Faith Marriages

One hundred guests can fit comfortably in the chapel, and plenty of parking. The chapel may be over 150 years old, but it has great heating and air-conditioning, and easily accessed restrooms. There will be no meandering around trying to find its location, as it is conveniently located directly off major highways and roads.

We would love for you to meet with our wedding planner to discuss options, instead of having a courthouse wedding. Contact us at  516.779.1321 or by email. We look forward to seeing you.

Have your courthouse wedding ceremony, your way!

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