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The Historical Chapel is a privately owned landmark of the Town of Oyster Bay. It is one of a handful of historic landmarks that still grace the North Shore of Long Island with its beauty and charm. Originally built in 1852 as a Methodist church, the chapel has always been a gathering place for people. The chapel was eventually taken over by the Church of the Latter Day Saints and functioned as a primary place of worship for many years. Abandoned in 1993, the chapel sat vacant and unused.

In 1997, current owner, Matthew Delaney, purchased the property as part of a project to restore the landmark to its original condition and offer it as a unique setting for wedding and remembrance services. The goal of the restoration was to provide the public with a memorable and cost effective alternative to traditional churches and other places of worship. Since the chapel is privately owned, customers are able to organize their event the way they desire and without traditional rules or regulations.

The restoration of the chapel took nearly two years to complete and is now the only privately owned landmark of the Town of Oyster Bay that has retained its original charm and elegance, while making accommodations for modern day conveniences like heating and air-conditioning. When you step inside the chapel, you will be taken back to the 17th century while still enjoying all of the comforts of life today. The chapel has been filmed in several advertisements and commercials and has been the venue of choice for a few celebrity weddings.

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Within the walls of the chapel, 100 guests can sit comfortably in the original curved pews that have been fully refurbished and restored in a deep mahogany. The original tin ceiling has been hand painted in Renaissance style and is always a topic of conversation. On opposing walls of the chapel, sit floor to ceiling Tiffany stained glass windows that offer stunning picture opportunities. When the sun shines through the windows, light and color dance throughout the chapel surrounding it with beauty and serenity. It is a remarkable sight.

Music lovers will appreciate the original pipe organ which is piped throughout the chapel, adding a dramatic flair for your guests. Perhaps the most historic feature of the chapel is the tower bell that can be rung after a wedding or memorial service.

If you want to step back in time and host your wedding or memorial service for a loved one at this beautiful historic landmark, please contact us. You will find our customer service to be exceptional and our options and cost structure are highly flexible for your needs. We are a one-of-a-kind venue, completely personalized and unique. Contact us at 516.779.1321 or by email. We look forward to welcoming you!

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